My name's Jono. I'm a director, producer, writer, editor, and graphic designer.

 I mainly work in traditional narrative filmmaking with experimental elements, utilizing structures and environments that feel familiar and stretching them as far as they can go, both in form and content. Influenced by artists like George Saunders, Seinfeld, and David Lynch, I create human stories that sit in an area of heightened, slightly comic reality--such as a college student who builds and flies a plane, a girl who breaks into houses to learn and write about the occupants from their objects, a bulimic wrestler who begins vomiting up his organs, a girl who has unknowingly been made into a carbon-copy replacement for her kidnappers’ dead daughter, and a space-trucker who accidentally brings his family back to life after he’s already found a new family.

 To me, semi-magical realism offers great opportunities to find emotional truth, and to showcase the depths of human feeling and experience on screen. In my work, my goal is to create fantasy without escapism, and to create absurd, dark, and surreal experiences that still speak truthfully to the experience of being human. I don’t fully believe in the effectiveness of art with a “message,” but I believe in the power of art to expand the meaning of what it is to be alive and to create empathy and beauty in even the darkest and strangest places.

I also do editing, producing, project management, research, and writing for two educational shows on Tiktok: SongPsych, and Bigweirdworld, as well as creating video podcasts for brands like RNMKRS, Syndic8, and more. I've worked with dozens of companies over 5 years to create great content for them and grow their profile. Hit me up if you'd like to work together!